Hi, My name is Chris Meyer. I have my PhD in organizational behavior from Michigan State University. I have spent my academic career teaching, researching, and consulting in the area of human interaction in organizations – specifically with a focus on the negotiation process.

Prior to my graduate study I worked in industry. I was primarily involved in the sales and marketing aspects for small and start-up technology businesses, but I have also had experience working for large multi-national organizations. My focus in those organizations was on the relationships and the interactions that were necessary to further the business. This included direct sales, indirect sales, reseller relationships, marketing development and relationships, and almost anything that needed to be done to make a start-up successful.

I leverage this experience in my teaching, research, and consulting. I apply the current academic thought to real business problems. Since I’ve been there, I can determine what is really useful to apply to your specific business problem.

I am deep in some writing projects right now and won’t be posting here until I have those projects completed.

Chris Meyer- web-16When I’m finished I’ll have some great ideas to share with you in this space. These include online content, training, blog posts, and updated information on connecting with me for all your negotiation needs.

I am still consulting with individuals and groups during this time, so contact me about your projects at the email listed here. If you would like to talk about how I can work with you to solve real business problems, email me to set up a conversation:


Twitter: @MeyerNegotiator

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