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It's not about winning or losing. It's about changing your mindset.

Everyone Negotiates

Everyone negotiates. You may think that it’s the realm of the salesperson, or the business executive, or lawyer, but every single person encounters a number of negotiations on a daily basis. Every human interaction has the possibility of some gain if we are willing to look for it. The key to finding success in your interactions is changing your mindset. Because it’s not about winning or losing—it’s about getting what you really want.

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About Meyer Negotiation

Meyer Negotiation provides educational services through podcasting and writing. Additionally, Chris Meyer provides personalized consulting, training, and speaking services. Chris specializes in human interactions in teams and organizations with a focus on negotiation, motivation, and emotions.

Negotiation Innovation Podcast

Listen to Chris’s thoughts on negotiation on the Negotiation Innovation Podcast. Each week, Chris tackles a new topic. Listen to Negotiation Innovation on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or your podcatcher of choice!

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Ep 37: Looking Good or Doing Good

We live in a society that prioritizes goals that are superficial, shallow, and poorly focused. This causes us to pursue behavior that doesn’t fit with the the organizational, and sometimes the personal, goals. We need to measure differently. We need to measure better. This episode shines the light on some of those missed opportunities and

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Ep 36: The Trust Episode

This episode will help you understand where trust comes from in our interactions. Since trust is such an important aspect of negotiations, and most every interaction, I will also look at how trust is built and how trust is maintained. I also talk about the impact of trust in our decision-making process.

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Ep 35: Transparent Gains

Everyone wants to gain in their interactions. Communicating that to the others involved is an important step in building trust, developing relationships, and maximizing gains. This episode will address these ideas and build some support for transparency in our interactions.

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