Welcome to Meyer Negotiation.

I am an Associate Professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I study human interactions and teams in organizations with a focus on negotiation, motivation, and emotion. My research has been published in a number of the top journals in the field. Additionally, I teach negotiation and organizational behavior at the graduate and undergraduate level. Prior to my graduate work, I held sales and management positions in several high tech and start-up organizations.

I provide professional services focused on Negotiation, Organizational Behavior, and Motivation.

Negotiation Consulting – I provide specialized consultation with you, or your team, to help think through and strategize your complex, mission-critical negotiations.

Negotiation Training – I provide customized seminar style instruction that is focused on the negotiations most important to your business success.

Sales Training – I provide training to professional sales organizations focused on relationship building and value-added sales.

Organizational Systems Consulting – Many organizations can benefit from a systematic look at the motivations and behaviors in the organization.

Teams and Work Groups – As teams proliferate, organizations need to have a comprehensive view of what they can accomplish and the motives and behaviors in teams.

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Twitter: @MeyerNegotiator